Cardi B may have pulled off one of the most fascinating optical illusions in recent memory.

Hiding a baby bump isn't too hard if you wear the right clothing. Some women have concealed their bump by layering while others have used loose-fitting clothing or dresses to keep their pregnancy on the hush.

What Cardi B just revealed is being heralded as some sort of sorcery because she managed to wear a skin-tight bodysuit months into her pregnancy and no one was the wiser. The world-famous rapper shared a video on Instagram showing us exactly how she did it.

First things first, let's take a look at Cardi in the bodysuit two weeks prior to her big reveal at the BET Awards.

I'm no expert (I default to my females who have a WAY better eye for these things than I do) but I would never suspect for one minute that Cardi was pregnant by seeing the video clip above.

Of course, she used some strategic posing with a little help from her large handbag, but even after she revealed a full frontal look, there was still no bump in sight.

The frame of the video opens up and this is what we see.


Cardi used the "nobody's gonna know" meme format, as she swayed left and right in the blue bodysuit and leggings. The caption on her Instagram video said "How would they know?" and as she turns sideways, you see exactly what she's talking about.


Props to Cardi for creating the illusion that there was no actual baby bump with a little help from the bodysuit pattern.

Could you tell?

It's amazing to think that the same woman in the bodysuit was also the woman who shocked the entertainment world when she ran out on stage with this look.

Since announcing her second pregnancy to the world via a surprise appearance during Migos' BET Awards performance, Cardi has uploaded numerous photos and videos to her IG flaunting her beautiful baby bump.

Congrats to Cardi and her husband Offset as they continue to grow their family.

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