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How do you know Mardi Gras is just days away in Carencro? Well, residents are starting to already mark "their spot" along University Drive.

As we were riding through Carencro on Wednesday afternoon I noticed people marking their spot for the Mardi Gras parade which is scheduled for this Saturday.

Yes, there are four days left before floats roll through the small town of Carencro, but that's stopping some from marking their territory along University.

By Friday you will see rope, cones, furniture, and trailers on both sides of University in preparation of the parade. It's on a first come basis, thus that's why many aren't risking losing their favorite spot to watch the parade.

After the Carencro Mardi Gras parade we will be LIVE from Pogie's with all of the fun and with our #HoldMyDaiquiri shirts!!

Happy Mardi Gras and always BE SAFE!!

Staff Photo