Charles Ramsey, the man who famously rescued Cleveland kidnap victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight while eating a Big Mac, is beginning to reap the benefits of his heroic actions. A group of over a dozen Cleveland restaurants have come together to create the "Chuck Card", a card that will grant Ramsey free burgers for life in Cleveland.

In a recent interview, "Chuck Card" orchestrator Scott Kuhn of Cleveland's Driftwood Restaurant Group explained how the idea came together.

We want to honor our local hero with local food. He stopped his meal midway through to help those women. We're now making sure he has other opportunities to go out and fully enjoy his burger. - Scott Kuhn

The burger accolades for Ramsey don't stop there. Hodge's Cleveland, the restaurant where Ramsey still works as a dishwasher announced on Twitter recently their plans to honor most their heroic employee with an honorary burger in his name.


Congrats Charles Ramsey on your sweet burger deal, but we got a feeling this is only the beginning.