While at UL, running back Elijah McGuire's elusiveness on the field led the fanbase to reference his "stanky leg" move when making defenders miss.

Since being drafted in the 6th round of the 2017 draft by the New York Jets, he's had a few opportunities to flash the "stanky leg" on the field, but spent more time bouncing on and off practice squads, with a few roster call ups on gamedays sprinkled in.

McGuire most recently spent the offseason with the Kansas City Chiefs before landing on injured reserve in mid-August, then reaching an injury settlement release not long after.

Earlier this week, he was officially signed back to the Chiefs practice squad.

In his 5-year pro career, McGuire has either signed or been reverted back to a practice squad on 8 occasions.

In 2019, he won a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Chiefs practice squad.

Here is what his latest practice squad signing means.

His weekly salary is $9,200. McGuire has two accrued NFL seasons, which sets his PS salary at that mark.

He is eligible to be called up to the gameday roster, as teams are allowed to promote two practice squad players each week on gameday, bringing the total to 55. However, the two call-ups are still technically members of the practice squad, and not the 53 man roster.

Elijah McGuire
Photo courtesy of Brad Kemp/ragincajuns.com

With the Chiefs injuries at running back, there is a strong possibility McGuire may suit up for Kansas City this Sunday when they play at Washington.

The best-case scenario for McGuire is signing with a 53 man roster, and remaining on one for at least six games.

It takes 6 games on an active roster to officially accrue an NFL season.

Under the current CBA, for retired players to qualify for the NFL's pension, they must have a minimum of 3 accrued seasons.

McGuire earned two in his first two years with the Jets, but has not been on an active roster for 6 games the last 3 years.

As talented as he is, McGuire still has a potential opportunity in front of him to do so. Hopefully, a team like the Chiefs will give him one.

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