Did you know NFL players are not allowed to drink beer in a commercial, star in a beer commercial, or directly endorse a beer?

The rule has been in place for many years, and only recently loosened up a little, allowing for a player's likeness in a beer ad. (That makes things a little convoluted)

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If you've watched sports for years, you may have noticed a lot of retired players appearing in beer advertisements, but not active players.

Patrick Mahomes has now changed the game.

Patrick Mahomes
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In a savvy move, the NFL superstar quarterback teamed up with Coors Light to find a loophole.

Who says he can't promote a flashlight called a Coors Light?

Not only does Coors Light beer get incredible branding with the commercial, they'll sell a few novelty flashlights as well, raise some money for charity, and come away from the ad looking like a winner.

Actually, it appears the flashlights have already sold out according to one Twitter user.

That only means the marketing campaign is an effective one.

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