A lot of people dislike Chris Brown. A lot of people use the Internet. What happens when these people are one and the same? Yet another Breezy death hoax.

This isn’t the first time Brown has died on Twitter. Last month, the microblogging giant “killed” the ‘Turn Up the Music’ singer following his own post-Grammy Twitter rant. However, this is the first time his death spread to multiple social networks.

E! Online reports that Breezy’s haters took to not one, but two Internet mediums to spread rumors of his would-be untimely passing. While most death hoaxes find their homes on Twitter, Brown’s foes didn’t stop there.

They also directed their attention to Brown’s YouTube page, posting comments on each of his videos with things like “rest in peace,” causing Team Breezy members to panic. “I CANT BELIEVE HE WUD SHOT IN DA HEAD!! WHAT DID WORLD COMING 2? SEE U IN DA NEXT LIFE CHRIS,” another wrote.

Why is everyone so mad? One YouTube comment in particular sheds some light on why a lot of the public is holding a grudge against the star. “R.I.P Chris Brown. You will always be remembered as the woman beater you were.” Though the actual victim of Brown’s assault, then-girlfriend Rihanna, may be past it, the rest of world isn’t.

Fans of Brown tried their best to quiet to the metaphorical murderers, but were oft out-commented. One wrote, “He’s alive because he was on twitter about like 37 minutes ago .. So all of those s—-y stuff, that people are saying are just lies … BREEZY IS ALIVE PEOPLE!”

Brown has yet to comment on the incident — and if he’s learned anything from last time, he probably won’t bother. Rest assured he is alive and well, but we can bet he ain’t happy.

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