If you didn't know, I am a HUGE professional wrestling fan. I have been a fan since a kid and continue to follow today's storylines. With that said, I like a Facebook page that highlights 80s wrestling and I recently came across this photo.

How many of you either had this ring or know of someone who had this "WWF" ring as a kid? Yes, I had one and it was my FAVORITE toy as a kid.

The ring, made of plastic, was my go-to toy when I was bored. Not only did I have this ring, I also had about 50 wrestlers to play with in the ring.

One day while creating my own match, I slammed of the wrestlers through it and cracked the center of the ring. My fix, books stacked under it for support.

When I saw this photo online today it was like hitting the rewind button. My childhood years from the ages of 5-7 flashed right before my eyes.

Sure, it was simple, meaning the ring wasn't as sophisticated as those out today, but it worked. I'd do anything to sit over this ring again and recreate the matches I had as a kid.