With the new dog at home came more barking and it was time to address this.

Our new puppy, Zeke, has been barking every morning at 4 o'clock when I get up for work. While his doesn't really bother me, I just don't want it to be a nuisance in the neighborhood.

So, I decided to purchase a "bark collar" to put an end to his early morning shenanigans. I should note here, the collar I got does NOT shock him.

When Zeke barks, the collar should send a high piercing sound to stop the barking and ultimately vibrate if his barking continues.

I thought I'd try the collar first to see if it really works. And of course, Mason had to be in the mix of it all too.

So, we placed the collar near our throats and barked. And yes, we set the collar off and got it to beep.

I hope this works in the mornings/days ahead. Note, no one was harmed while filming this video (thought I'd include this disclaimer).