There is little more brutal in a free society than football practice in August. The Tigers of the University of Missouri were going through that horror show when, on the horizon, appeared two coeds, tan and lithe.

The shapely ladies were running the steps of Faurot Field. Or were they just visions? Pleasant thoughts that dance about the brain right before it shuts down with heat stroke?

They were real all right. We know this because one of Mizzou’s coaches went up into the stands and told the girls that they could come back later, but they couldn’t run when the team was practicing. Apparently their glistening skin and jiggly bosoms were too big of a distraction, with football season just around the corner.

Luckily, local reporter Eric Blumberg snapped a photo of the vixens before they went on their way. We wish the picture was clearer. We also wish we were back in college.

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