While everyone continues to tear apart stores in search of their name on a Coke, one couple used the #ShareACoke campaign to make a cleverly cute video announcing their pregnancy.

Known only as the McGillicuddys, a young couple is seen enjoying Diet Cokes when they quickly realize that they take on the voice of whoever's name is on the Coke that they are drinking.

First we see them swap each other's voices—then they hilariously take on many other famous Hollywood voices, ranging from Morgan Freeman to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Finally their voices are back to normal, and when they realize what names are on the Cokes they each drank we find out that this silly video was actually one of the coolest pregnancy announcements we've ever seen—on or off the web.

Congrats, and best of luck to the McGillicuddys!

And he even got some love directly from Coca-Cola!

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