They're back at it again!

On Tuesday, I told you about Parish Brewing Company creating a 'Boudin Balls' beer. It was part 1 of a summer reveal, and today, we got the next beer that will be sure to impact your summer and taste buds.

Introducing: Cracklin Crumbs

According to their Instagram, Cracklin Crumbs looks to be a citrus-filled IPA, which is perfect and light enough for a humidity-filled summer. Once again, Parish Brewing always kills it with the packaging, marketing, and names of their brews.

You can order on their website starting with a pre-sale next week. The super cool thing Parish introduced is you can get your beer delivered via UPS or you can go pick it up at their brewery in Broussard.

Boudin Balls brew was announced Tuesday. I love the use of fruit combinations to make these summer sips. I am going to have a lot of new brews to taste as Hot 107.9's resident beer taster. Parish is definitely winning this summer with the use of Acadiana's favorite foods to lure you in and blow you away with flavor.

Will you be trying out these new beers? Sometimes, it's good to be a guinea pig!

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