The summer months bring the summer beers and IPAs. The sweet and sometimes bold creations by different breweries and brands always capture your attention and taste buds.

Parish Brewing Company is stepping up its summer beer game this year... with a Boudin Ball flavored beer???

Billy's Boudin & Cracklin
Billy's Boudin & Cracklin

Okay, before you jump to all the doesn't actually taste like boudin balls. Parish Brewing Company is always on its A-game when it comes to branding, imaging, and naming its beers. All Louisiana-themed stouts, IPAs, and brews. Boudin Balls' beer is definitely on par and will be loved by Louisiana locals.

Here's a glimpse into what their newest creation ACTUALLY tastes like from their Instagram post:

As Hot 107.9's designated beer taster (I promise it is a real title), I am pretty stoked to try this new creation. There isn't much that I won't try from local breweries, and I am such a big fan of their packaging and flavor combinations.

Big things are coming other than this release for Parish Brewing. At the end of their post, they announce this is the first announcement of a new product. There's another big release being announced on July 6th.

Parish is also stepping up their game with a bigger size for their fan-favorite brew Ghost In The Machine, just in case those 12 oz. cans go just a little too quickly. The brewery also announced that they have started shipping to certain states across the nation, which is a big step just in case you need your Louisiana brew outside of the boot.

It's the summer of Parish!

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