We have finally found the most awesome Belieber ever. And yes, there are plenty of awesome Beliebers out there. Millions of them, in fact. But for the Justin Bieber ‘Girlfriend’ perfume sing-off challenge, one hilarious Bieb-a-holic submitted her reworked version of his smash hit ‘Boyfriend,’ stalker-style. She gets an A++ for creativity, sass and style, although we suspect once her middle school friends get a load of this, she might have trouble securing a date.

Essentially, the Awesome Belieber pops off rhymes about not letting her boyfriend leave the house without a small recording device taped on his sleeve. O to the M to the G, that is beyond brilliant. She also says she’ll check his text messages, typical behavior of a psycho girlfriend.

She reasons, within the lyrical framework, that “I wouldn’t call it jealousy / Just looking out for you / Reading all your texts / Watching everything you do.” Spoken like a true nutjob in training.

We love how she changed the “swag, swag, swag” lyric to “nag, nag, nag.” That was beyond … we can’t even come up with a word for that level of verbal genius. Actually, we can. That’s called “lyrical swag, swag, swag.”

This is one chick you don’t want to take home to mom.

Wait, actually, we take that back. We love her, because she is clearly having fun, mugging for the camera, offering up the psycho stare and penned some clever and comical lyrics.

We hope you win, stalker girl(friend).

Watch Stalker ‘Girlfriend’ Sing-Off Video

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