Prank Vs. Prank is a YouTube channel about a couple that seriously enjoys terrorizing each other. In their latest prank, Jeana uses some harmless cat poop to freak out her boyfriend Jesse.

Here is the set up: Recently the couple had to take samples of cat poop to the vet to make sure the cat isn’t sick. Jeana took full advantage of that uncomfortable time when there might be something wrong with the beloved family pet to lure Jesse close to the litter box to inspect some cat droppings and then hurled a ‘fresh sample’ at him.

Jeana, who is very cute in case you didn’t notice, gets Jesse pretty good with some fake cat crap. Maybe for her next prank she should send us videos of her dancing naked to a Rihanna song and then tape his reaction to us watching those videos. Oh man that would be so hilarious! She’d get him so good!

She should do it. She should totally do it.

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