Here is your friendly reminder, set your clock back one hour Saturday night, November 5th,  before you got to sleep. Yes, its the end of your daylight savings time officially this Sunday at 2am. And with that comes, much shorter shorter days...which is totally depressing. There is nothing worse than getting off of work, and its already dark!!!

In any case, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour Saturday night. I'd hate for you to be late for church on Sunday morning. We have all seen it happen before, the family that forgot to set their clocks back shows up for the service as it is ending. Don't let this happen to you, set the clocks back and prep yourself for shorter days.

And with the ending of daylight savings time comes the holiday season. This is always my indication that the holidays are just around the corner. So while the days may be shorter and more depressing, we at least know that the holiday season will bring a few bright days to some of the gloomy days that are on deck.

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