One of the biggest eyesores in Lafayette will soon be a distant memory.

According to a report from The Advocate, sales documents were "signed and completed" yesterday (May 14) which means demolition of the dilapidated motel could begin as soon as next week.

HRI Properties out of New Orleans has plans to level the motel as part of their overall vision to build a 40-unit apartment complex on the four corners property off University Avenue in Lafayette.

City Council Chairman Pat Lewis tells The Advocate that this has been a long time coming.

Finally, something's going to get done. This needed to be done many years ago.

I truly hope this move will spark development—not only in the four corners area—but throughout Lafayette in other areas where there are eyesores that may be thwarting off future growth and investment.

The Advocate also reports that while there was opposition, the City Council ultimately approved the transfer of $1.5 million needed to push HRI's project along.

See the full story for more details here and look out for the action at University and Cameron Street to start happening soon.

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