A television station has issued an apology to its viewers just minutes after airing what was described as a retina-burning program that lasted for several hours. The station did not apologize for the content of the program, they merely offered an apology that their airwaves were used to bring such a putrid product into the homes of so many good people.

Mark Tulin via Unsplash.com
Mark Tulin via Unsplash.com

You might be asking, what kind of program would cause a major market television station to immediately ask for forgiveness? No, it wasn't an elongated infomercial or multi-week pledge drive, the apology was made over the Denver versus Indianapolis NFL game last night.

These guys are holding nothing back, this is brutal

But then again, they aren't wrong. Last night's game between Denver and Indianapolis was supposed to be a marquee matchup of proven and veteran NFL quarterbacks. The Broncos had newly acquired Russel Wilson and the Colts featured former Atlanta starter Matt Ryan. Both of these quarterbacks have led teams to the Super Bowl.

But last night neither QB could lead his team into the end zone for a touchdown. The final score was 12 to 9 in a field goal only affair that was won by Indy in overtime. Can you imagine a game where the offenses were so inept it took extra time just to figure out which team sucked worse?

U.S. Flag and NFL logo on football field
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Needless to say, the NFL will have some damage control to do after this game and following on the heels of the Tua concussion scandal last week and the new admission from Joe Burrow that he's played many games he can't remember.

But it is an ill wind that blows no good and even this awful game has a silver liner for one person who placed this wager on the game.

The wager was a $100 bet that no touchdowns would be scored in the game and the line was +10000. That should be a fitting reward for having to sit through such a snoozer of a football game.

Let's hope the New Orleans Saints offense will show up on Sunday when they face Seattle in New Orleans. I mean with Andy Dalton under center there's no way the Saints won't light up the scoreboard. Yes, that's sarcasm, but I bet the Saints at least score a touchdown.

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