As folks in Louisiana begin to prepare for a possible hurricane this weekend or early next week, a local grocery store may have just provided us with the ultimate grocery list.

NuNu's Fresh Market put a grocery list together for customers as they storm prep and it highlights everything you may need as you prepare to hunker down during the storm.

Of course, they were somewhat joking but at the same time, their list is pretty much on point.

The list that they posted on Facebook included things such as Alcohol, Boudin, Double doozies, Charcoal, Water, and more.

Mark Haupt via unsplash

As I went down their list of groceries, I kept shaking my head yes. I have seen MANY in south Louisiana stock up on all of the items they are suggesting.

We are going to continue to follow the latest out in the gulf and we would encourage you now to prepare and make sure you have this station's mobile app for all of the latest updates.

NuNu's FB


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