This morning, October 13th, Chris Reed took a white envelope with Chris Brown concert tickets and BACKSTAGE PASSES to the Cajun Dome. We gave the clues On-Air as to where the envelope was taped at, and UL Student Dillon Hayes found it in minutes!!! While  Chris Reed was On-Air from the dome,  Dillon turned into the parking lot behind the Cajun Dome and claimed the price. The clues were rather simple: backstage at a venue, near where the Cajuns play, and somewhere where there is lots of entertainment. After grabbing the white envelope, Dillon promised us that he would not bring up the Rihanna incident to Chris Brown.

Thanks to the many of you who drove out of your way this morning to claim the prize, and we have already planned our next little "scavenger hunt" for you. Stay tuned-in for details and for more winning from Hot 107-9!!!