Diplo premiered the music video for 'Biggie Bounce' via Worldstar Hip Hop, and if twerking in video poker bar & grill sparks your interest, you're going to love it.

The visual for the bass heavy collab with Angger Dimas features the world famous DJ and rap trio Travis Porter infiltrating the rural Jonesboro Moose Lodge in Georgia for 'Wild Wednesdays' with Diplo.

They don't show up empty handed as an amateur DJ/lighting rig is quickly set up and a team of twerkers is unleashed to give an eyebrow-raising performance for a gang of patrons including senior citizens.

Naturally, everyone is a bit taken aback at first as they watch the debauchery unfold from behind their card games and video poker machines; but in the end, everyone eventually joins in on the fun and 'Wild Wednesdays' totally lives up to it's name.

What else would you expect from the guy who helped bring twerking to the mainstream?

I definitely gotta check out 'Wild Wednesdays' the next time I'm in Jonesboro, GA.