A party-rocking DJ has gone viral after a damning angle has revealed that he may not be a DJ at all. The DJ can be seen in a video pumping his hands up in the air and hyping the crowd as he pretends to play music off of non-existent equipment.

Not a single power cord or turntable in sight...

Twitter via @GuzGroves
Twitter via @GuzGrooves

The DJ world has been laughing all day long at the video that appears to show someone doing their best acting job for a performance. While I am not sure exactly what this event was, one thing is clear - this man is not an actual DJ.

Check out his set-up (or lack thereof) below.


As you can see, it is just an empty table that is hidden by a visuals screen. From the crowd's perspective, they would never know that this DJ had no equipment in front of him.

DJ Performs for Crowd without Any Real Equipment in Front of Him

Check out the video shared by @GusGrooves on Twitter below.

Let me play devil's advocate for just a second. Maybe this is some sort of staged festival or concert that is being filmed for a movie or for television. That would be a sensical explanation if it were to come-up. Some online thought the same.

But after a real-DJ @mojaxx shared the video with credits to the original poster, it was clear that this was some sort of performance where they simply added in a person pretending to DJ for visual effect.

One thing I know for certain is that this person is definitely not a DJ. Even if he were, there is little enough pride in the DJ game to at least throw some equipment on the table rather than press non-existent buttons.

As a DJ, there is some level of expectation for people who play music for crowds. The bar can be set as low as having a mixer plugged into a sound system, but in reality - people don't care that much about what the DJ is doing. They just want to hear good music!

Nevertheless, you would never catch me pretending to DJ with pre-recorded music or in this case, without any equipment at all. Hopefully the show was good, though!

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