I am so happy for this man.

Deke Duncan, who is 73-years-old, has always wanted to host his own radio show. He has so much passion for radio that in 1974 he set up his own "station" in a shed in his backyard.

Now, this station did not broadcast to the masses in his community, it would only broadcast into this home, to his wife.

For 44 years Deke Duncan broadcasted to only ONE person. But that did stop him from going into his studio to do his job.

Well, a BBC affiliate with more than 125,000 listeners a week is giving him his own Christmas special.

This man's passion for radio has paid off and I am so happy that someone is giving him his "break" in the business.

He deserves it all---And more! I know his passion will make this show really special for him and his listeners.

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