There's a subtle art to DJing, from beatmatching to tricks and scratching. Along with those skills, there comes finding the right songs to follow each other to create a flow of energy in the club. Playing the wrong song can potentially kill the energy you worked so hard to build.

It the world of club DJs, the technology has changed so much that now it's easier than ever to obtain music to play. Unfortunately, with the improvements in technology, it's even easier to play tricks on your DJ friends, especially if they don't preview what they think they're going to play. A skillfully mislabeled labeled mp3 can provide at least a few moments of entertainment, at least for those who intentionally mislabeled it.

Good carpenters have a rule, 'measure twice, cut once.' Now this DJ knows, 'listen twice, play once'.

Even if you're not a DJ, you'll still be able to appreciate the look on his face.