DJ Steve Aoki is known for doing some pretty crazy things while up on stage performing and tossing cakes into the crowd seems to be a ritual during most of his sets. Well, this past weekend, while performing in Toronto, the DJ tossed a cake into the crowd and it smashed a kid, who is bound to a wheelchair, right smack in the face.

Aoki tossed the cake from nearly 80-feet away and it landed right in the kid's face, all while his friends seemed to love it!! The world famous DJ did tweet after this incident: "I love this kid! i still cant believe i threw this cake 80 feet direct to the face! love u dawg!"

Its hard to say if the kid in the wheelchair loved the experience or if this cake tossing incident ruined his experience at the concert. In any case, it sure does seem like his "boys" loved every bit of the experience.

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