Drew Brees just showed us how insane his brain really is.

Monday night, Drew appeared on an episode of National Geographic's 'Brain Games' and if you thought he was a smart guy already, you are still about to be impressed.

The game show, hosted by Keegan-Michael Key, "aims to explore how everyday super-humans have hacked their brains." Brees was challenged with a series of mental tests that would measure his "perception, decision making, and spatial awareness."

Brees says those are all required when it comes to performing as a high-level quarterback in the NFL.

You have to really order the chaos that is going on around you, right? There's all kinds of craziness, you've got free rushers, you've got things that are breaking down. At the end of the day, how can you make quick decisions that are very good decisions, that avoid mistakes and keep you moving the ball down the field to go score points.

As a season ticket-holding Saints fan I've been privileged to watch Brees' ridiculous decision making on the field—but to see him maneuver effortlessly through cognitive flexibility tests was still very impressive to see.

After seeing this, I think we definitely need to see Brees back for AT LEAST one more season.

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