Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre played his last NFL game against future-Hall of Famer Drew Brees when the Saints beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship in 2009. You would think his family would have some resentment toward Brees and the Saints, but that's not the case at all.

In fact, Favre's grandson Parker is a Who Dat!

And not just some fair-weather fan, he has a Drew Brees jersey that he sports when the Saints play. And he gets shy around his idols, as is shown in the video below.

After the Saints came out with the win in week 1 against the Houston Texans in quite the nail-biter, Brett Favre made a Facetime call to Drew Brees all for his grandson to congratulate him.

It was Favre, Sr. doing most of the talking because Parker was shy while talking to Drew. Brett congratulated Drew on the week 1 win and well played game, and Drew even invited Parker out to the Saints facility to catch some passes!

Check out the full Facetime video:

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