Along with an in depth look at why Drew Brees needs to stop being considered an underdog, he appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated for the tenth time.

Along with the profile cover story, other sports analysts and people in the entertainment industry threw their support behind Brees. This further moves along the GOAT talk.

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated

Here's what several people had to say about being able to watch Drew Brees every Sunday during football season.

“He still hasn’t gotten the due he deserves. We get enamored with size or appearance. Drew Brees is the most accurate quarterback in NFL history and he’s six feet. What’s the problem?” -- Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst LaDainian Tomlinson, now an NFL Network analyst.

“I never got to see Jesse Owens run. I never saw Joe Louis box. But, man, if it isn’t special to be alive and watch Drew Brees every Sunday.” -- actor and New Orleans native Wendell Pierce

“I don’t get it. It’s like living in New York in 1926, when Babe Ruth was there. Or Chicago in 1995, with Michael Jordan. To actually live in a city where Drew Brees is critical to our lives 16 days a year—it’s stunning. He’s become like the river. He’s just a part of us. ... People want to talk about how [Brees] never won MVP, [just] the one Super Bowl. . . . What difference does it make? Ted Williams never won a World Series. He’s still Ted f------ Williams.” -- political consultant and Louisiana native James Carville.

I have to agree that we're living in a special time getting to watch Drew Brees play football. And I couldn't agree more with the cover. People need to stop considering him an underdog. He breaks records year after year.

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