Last week when the Saints and the Packers went head to head to kick off the 2011 NFL regular season, I noticed during pregame that Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints teammates had a new pregame huddle chant. The Saints have been known for their awesome pregame chants over the past few seasons, and this year's chant is no different!

Check it out!

From what I could gather with my supersonic hearing, these are the lyrics of the chant:

Brees: We take the show on the rooaaaad!
Brees: Big plays all day!
Brees: Send em' all hooooome!
Brees: Big hits, no quit!

Brees & Team:
I'm in my own zone (WHAT!) x 3
We bout to shoowwww off! (HOO!)
I'm in my own zone (WHAT!) x 3
We bout to showwwww off! (HOO!)


In the past, Drew Brees has revealed that his pregame chants were inspired by things like the marines, and the city of New Orleans. This year, the Saints have found inspiration in a completely new place to get them fired up for their 2011 matchups.

The club.

Once I scoured the web, found a decent video, and broke down the footage of the new huddle chant, I knew that what I heard on TV sounded really familiar. It was then that I finally realized that Drew and the Saints got this year's chant inspiration from the mega-hype club banger "Throwed Off" by Dallas rappers Treal Lee & Prince Rick.

Press play on their video below. Now, close your eyes and imagine Drew Brees riding around in his SUV during the offseason, bumpin a little bit of Treal Lee and saying "this is it!"

Treal Lee & Prince Rick - "Throwed Off"


This just further proves that we have the hippest quarterback in the league, and all other QB's should take a page out of his book :)



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