The top 10 will be announced tonight (6/20), but Drew Brees moved up a few ranks this season on the top 100 list from NFL Network.

Brees was ranked at number 30 last year, so he moved up 14 spots on the list to land as the 16th best player in the league this year. The NFL Network Top 100 list is voted on by players in the league.

Last season, Drew had a 70% completion percentage. He passed the 5,000 yard mark for the fifth time in his career, and has the most in a career in NFL history at 38 years old. He also is number 1 in passing percentage, and 300-yard games.

Unless there is another Saints player that will make it into the top 10 (if we're being honest with ourselves, that probably won't happen) then there are two players from New Orleans that have made the list. Current Saints running back Adrian Peterson came in at number 98.

Two other QB's of note that have been announced that rank ahead of Drew are Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott, and Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders Derrick Carr.

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