By now we all know that Peyton Manning has retired from the NFL. Since his official announcement yesterday, several current and former NFL greats have saluted Manning on his career.

However, one tweet from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees may have won when it comes to looking back on the career of the former Denver Bronco.

Brees tweeted an old photo of himself and Manning from from "back in the day" and its EVERYTHING! Not only do both quarterbacks look much younger, but Brees looks a little "swole." Yes, you can tell he was hitting the weights.

The photo, from 1998, shows not only how young they were, but what about that shirt Brees has on? How many guys in Acadiana wore this type shirt in the later 90s and early 2000s?

Manning did acknowledge his hometown of New Orleans in his farewell speech and even thanked Saints fans for being so supportive through the years. Not only did Manning have the respect from Saints fans, he undoubtedly had the respect from the current quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees.

Sorry, but this image of Drew will live with me for many years. Many.