A video of Drew Brees running uphill pushing a weighted sled today quickly went viral for a couple of reasons. Was Brees just being super competitive Brees in this workout, or was he training for something? Oh and his hair is back.

In this video Tweeted out by Bleacher Report, Drew Brees goes the extra mile like a beast during a recent workout. Brees was only supposed to push the weighted sled "to the black and back" but instead, he kept going and pushed it all the way down the driveway and back.

Now, Drew Brees has been a top tier athlete his entire life, half of which he's played at a Hall of Fame level in the NFL. If Brees indeed plans on retiring, it's not like he's just going to stop working out, stop being competitive, and sit on the couch all day eating chips. Brees will certainly continue aggressive, intense workouts well into his retirement.

Is Drew Brees Retiring?

That being said, it could also be argued that this video isn't just a workout video, it's a training video, and there's a difference. If you workout, you workout to stay fit. If you train, obviously you're doing it for a specific reason. Runners run all the time but when they're training for a marathon they run differently. See what I mean?

This video could definitely be showing Drew Brees training. And, if he's training, there's a chance he's training for another season with the Saints.

Remember last off-season when Brees said he was working a lot on his leg strength to help him throw the ball farther? Well, it certainly looks like Drew is strengthening his legs and lower body in this video.

Sooner or later we'll know the answer, but until then, take a look at this video that everyone is talking about and draw your own conclusion.

Oh yeah, and Drew grew his hair back.

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