I'm not exactly sure why people made a drinking game for shark week, but if it makes for a fun night (or week) out with the friends, I say go for it!  The only downside is that you will probably have a pretty bad headache in the morning.  There is only two rules for shark week though: You have to pay attention - and you MUST be ready to put a few beverages down the pipe.

First, I would like to thank my amazing friends on Facebook and Twitter for letting me in on the game or else I would have been left out in the big blue (no pun intended).  As you would guess there are multiple ways to play this game and the rules vary from group to group, but I promise you will have a blast anyway you play.  The general twist of the game is to drink for things that WILL happen during the show.

Take a look at some of the 'rules' below from brobible and let us know if your version is a little different.


  1. Drink every time you hear an Australian, South African, or British accent
  2. Drink every time you see a diver in a cage.
  3. When a great white is 'jumping' out of the cage, drink from when the shark exits the water til it the re-entry.
  4. Drink every time a person mentions chum, a shark attack statistic, or a shark fact (note: this can only happen once every person).
  5. Drink every time the camera shows a surfboard or person underwater in the same frame as a shark. Also drink if they show you a chewed-up surfboard.
  6. Every time a new person is interviewed, drink.
  7. Every time a person is declared a "shark expert," drink.
  8. Finish your drink at the end of the episode. Should you not finish between the end of the episode and the start of the new show, chug an extra beer.
  9. If they mention the state you live or have a house in. Drink.
  10. Drink every time the show references a new type of shark. If the shark does not attack humans (nurse shark) drink three times.
  11. If a shark attacks an animal, drink until the animal dies or escapes. If the animal is a seal, finish your drink.
  12. Drink every time someone mentions punching a shark in the nose or eye to stop an attack.
  13. Drink every time a Facebook friend posts a #sharkweek status on Facebook or Twitter.
  14. Drink every time some one mentions "Jaws" or if the "Jaws" theme music plays then say "we are going to need a bigger boat."
  15. Drink every time Andy Samberg is on TV.
  16. When a shark attack victim talks about the attack, drink for 1 second per 5 stitches the victim received. If the victim is a girl or a young child, double the time.
  17. Drink half of your beer for every limb the shark victim lost. If it happened to be their genitalia, the least you could do is drink the whole beer.
  18. Drink every time you see a subdued shark being poked, prodded, or given a tracking device on a boat.
  19. Every time you mutter LL Cool J's lyrics, "Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark's fin" under your breath -- or aloud. Drink. (And good  luck getting that out of your head.)
  20. Drink because it's shark week. (Editor's Note: This one could be subjective, so interpret however you see fit.)

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