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Shark Week Makes For A Great Drinking Game
Oh YEAH! It's Shark Week, not a good time to be a seal. LOL! We found a great "Shark Week" drinking game for you, but be warned it will make you forget what happened on the show and leave you feeling like you got hit by a shark. Here are the rules that the FW put together. Che…
The Official Drinking Game For Shark Week 2012
I'm not exactly sure why people made a drinking game for shark week, but if it makes for a fun night (or week) out with the friends, I say go for it!  The only downside is that you will probably have a pretty bad headache in the morning.  There is only two rules for shark week though:…
Guy Jumps On Back Of A Shark [VIDEO]
With Shark Week continuing, people just love to learn more about those animals that made you avoid the water for years after 'Jaws' hit the big screen. This nationwide obsession has gotten into the digital realm with photoshopping shark mouths on famous people (nice one Huffington Post),