After making enemies out of the entire Saints fan base, current Cincinnati Bengal Eli Apple has gotten some attention after apparently refusing to pay for his mother's tickets to the AFC Championship game. Apple's mother reportedly deleted her entire Twitter account after voicing her displeasure with the price of tickets.

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Former New Orleans Saints defensive back and current Cincinnati Bengal Eli Apple recently went on a Twitter rant where he disrespected the city of New Orleans and Saints fans alike. The rant spurred up quite a bit of backlash, some of which included a diss track from a #WhoDatNation faithful.

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One of the most disrespectful posts from @EliApple went after the smell of the Big Easy and its world famous food.

But that isn't where the disrespect ended. In fact, Apple has been on such a run of social media disrespect that his own Mother has fallen in the crosshairs.

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Eli Apple Refuses to Pay For His Mom's Tickets to the AFC Championship Game

According to one report, Apple's mother actually posted on Twitter in regards to the high ticket prices for the Bengals AFC Championship game against the Chiefs. Rather than helping his mother out by offering to take care of her tickets, Apple had a different answer for his mom's issue.

See the response from @EliApple on Twitter below.

In the Tweet, you can see Eli Apple seemingly say that his Mom could watch the game at the house instead of attending in person. Apple's mother, Annie, apparently deleted her entire Twitter account since this conversation.

In regards to Apple's post about New Orleans being smelly, one Twitter user reminded the defensive back about his days with the Giants where his mother lovingly dropped him off on the first day of practice.

So even after his mother birthing him, raising him, and bringing him to practice - Eli Apple can't find it in his heart to take care of the tickets to the AFC Championship game for his lovely mom.

Folks on social media were quick to go after Apple for not treating his mother to tickets to the game.

The truth of the matter is that there are plenty of Louisiana folks rooting for the Bengals to win. Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase have taken LSU Tiger fans over to Cincinnati fandom and for good reason. Both guys are easy to cheer for.

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But, former Saint Eli Apple is possibly turning away some faithful Louisiana football fans with his recent Twitter appearances. Has the playoff run gone to his head? Is he about to get humbled? History says that could be the case.

Whatever happens with the Bengals vs. Chiefs game, I hope Apple's mother is able to enjoy it from wherever she ends up viewing the AFC Championship battle.

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