With Valentine's Day just around the corner, most guys are planning what to get their significant other. While it is always a really good idea to send your lover flowers or chocolates to their work place, there are some items you should NOT send to them while on the job.Here is a list of items women DO NOT want in their work place on Valentine's Day:

1. Giant Stuffed Animals (Leave for the home; Most women really aren't into them)

2. A Diamond (Women say its too cliche' to propose on this particular day; Don't embarrass them at work)

3. Balloons (Leave them at home; They are too difficult with when it comes time to leaving work)

4. Flowers W/ Racy Messages (Flowers are sweet; Save the Dirty Messages for your bedroom)

5. Anything Sexual (Ladies don't want their colleagues to see their sexy underwear or toys)

6. Video Messages (They can be loud and become a distraction to others in the office)

7. Singing Cupid (May be cute, yet at the same time it can be overwhelming for some)

8. Personal Hygiene Products (Bath Products, Soap, Etc,; Save it for Home; Ladies don't want co-workers
picturing them in the tub).