This man's ex-wife took her frustrations out on their car using a hammer and a bad attitude.

Just going off the video, her name is Ashely Luvitt, and she is pretty mean with a hammer. Not sure if her husband was caught cheating or they just got into a bad fight. What we do know is that she should play for a professional baseball team with a swing like that.

Ashley is pretty mean with a hammer, putting huge dents in their car screaming,

"It's not vandalism if it's my own car!"


You can watch her smash and shatter the windows of her supposed ex-husbands car. All we want to know is, What did he do? As of right now we can only speculate.

Try this out. Turn down the volume on the video above and then play Carrie Underwood's 'Before He Cheats' while watching this video, it's pretty entertaining.