This had to hurt.

A man near Dallas, Tx was spotted on top of a car in the parking lot of a shopping center and things did not end well for him.

As you can see below, the man started to stomp on the windshield of the car, and that is when the driver of the car decided to take off.

The man, who is on top of the car, falls to the cement as the car drives away, but the man who tells isn't done.

After the man who fell off of the car gathers himself, he runs to his truck and gives chase.

The video ends with the man driving away, thus we don't know if he ever caught up to the car that he was jumping on.

We don't know what may have caused this, but we do remind you to never confront someone that you may not know in a road rage incident.

This could have and may have ended with someone getting seriously injured.


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