How did this guy walk away from this?

A young man was run over by a car that was doing donuts and amazingly he got up and did not appear to be injured.

As you will see in the clip below, the young man gets into the way of the car as it is performing this dangerous maneuver, and the back tires of the car run him over.

While he did lose his pants in this bizarre incident, he should be fortunate that is all he lost here.

We have seen a number of videos in recent months showing vehicles performing these types of stunts on the roads and in parking lots, and we have often said that it is just a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.

A number of people were there to see this vehicle perform the donuts, and sadly they nearly saw a young man lose his life in this incident.

We will warn you, that some may find the footage below to be DISTURBING.

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