If you're a Saints fan this will give you chills.

Who Dats will forever remember the franchise's first Super Bowl win—but another unforgettable moment is the Garrett Hartley field goal kick that put us in the big game. It was overtime in the NFC Championship game and the Saints were deadlocked with the Vikings at 38-38.

New Orleans had the ball when their drive stalled in Vikings territory. When they lined up for the field goal, you could hear a pin drop in the Superdome.

I remember the crowd I was sitting around—most of them strangers being that I purchased the ticket through NFL TicketExchange, or something similar to it.

But it didn't matter.

At that moment, we all had the same feeling: This feeling that we could possibly miss this field goal and put the game back into the hands of our defense, which meant that we would also be putting the ball back into the hands of the legendary Brett Favre; or we could nail this 40-yard field goal and punch our ticket into the first Super Bowl in franchise history.

You can hear a man next to me say "I wanna see all the black and gold confetti fall" as he looked up at the roof of the Superdome. Many others were looking up at the roof of the Superdome, too! But they weren't looking at confetti.

They were looking up, praying that we would just make this kick and finally see our Saints in the Super Bowl. Others were looking up because they simply couldn't bear to watch.

As a hush fell over the dome, the snap was away. The hold was good, and the rest was history.

The emotions you see in the raw video above is the only way to describe that moment. The Saints would go on to win the Super Bowl that year and lift up a city still trying to overcome the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Saints fans will never forget that kick, and we will never forget the amazing 2009 season that brought the Lombardi Trophy back to the Big Easy!

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