Meet wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie, he plans to be eaten alive by an anaconda!!! While wearing a snake-proof suit, Rosolie plans to be swallowed alive by a real life anaconda while out in the jungle.

All of this set to be documented on The Discovery Channel on December 7th. Yes, we will actually sit down and watch a grown man be swallowed by this large serpent.

As you may expect, this "stunt" is drawing a lot of heat from animal activist as they proclaim that this is a form of animal cruelty. Some suggest that this may actually put the snake in danger and could even be life threatening for the snake itself.

These large snakes are known for eating pigs, deer, caiman, and other large animals.

Will you dare watch this happen on television or is this just a bit too much? There is no word yet if he will have a GoPro attached to him to document what it looks to be swallowed alive.