Tony Hawk didn't do it. Bob Burnquist didn't do it. Shaun White didn't do it. Rob Dyrdek didn't do it. As a matter of fact, no one who is famously known for skateboarding did it. The first 1080 ever was landed by Tom Schaar from California - and he's 12. Many legendary riders have attempted this trick, but it's 12-year-old Tom Schaar who has made skateboarding history.

If you aren't sure what a 1080 is, let me break down the math for you real quick. 360 degrees is one complete turn. Multiply that by two, and you have a 720. Skateboarders have nailed both of those for quite some time now. Some skaters, including Schaar, can even land 900's (2.5 complete turns), but for the first time ever, three complete turns were executed mid-air, and landed cleanly.

I did it fifth try, which I thought it would take me three days of trying it 40 times.  I was definitely high enough and I could tell I was definitely spinning fast enough and right about at the 720 (second spin), I saw the coping again and I was still two to three feet above the coping.  I got around that last 360 and I was just amazed.

- Tom Schaar [via Inquisitr]

News spread like wildfire through the skateboard community prompting reactions from legends like Tony Hawk who had nothing but praise for the young Schaar, saying "I’ve seen Shaun White try 1080s & Mitchie Brusco crash-land a few… Tom Schaar nailed it.

The trick is pretty amazing, and this kid definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Tom Schaar. Remember the name.

First Ever 1080 Landed by 12-Year-Old Skateboarder Tom Schaar

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