If you've got a buck or two burning a hole in your pocket, it won't be long before Five Below is calling your name.

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The popular discount store known for having items priced between 1-5 dollars, hints the name, has everything from home decore to children's toys.

It's one of those places where you see a lava lamp, and even though you don't necessarily need said lava lamp, you purchase it anyway because it was only five bucks.

With most items priced between $1 and $5, and some extreme value items priced beyond $5 in their Five Beyond Shop, Five Below offers eight  Five Below worlds: Style, Room, Sports, Tech, Create, Party, Candy and New & Now. Since being founded in 2002 and Five Below now has over 1,600 stores in 43 states.

New Five Below Location In Lafayette Coming Soon

The Lafayette area currently has two Five Below locations, one near Costco in the Ambassador Town Centre at 111 Meadow Farm Dr #110, Lafayette, LA 70508, and another in the Stirling Lafayette shopping center off of Louisiana Ave. located at 3221 Louisiana Ave Suite 100, Lafayette, LA 70501.

According to The Advocate, the third location is expected to be near the Acadiana Mall at the Acadiana Square shopping center on Johnston Street. A building permit was filed by Lafayette Consolidated Government Wednesday morning for 5700 Johnston St.; however, a suite number was not specified.

The discount retailer opened over 200 stores in 2023 and has plans to open 235 locations in 2024. Five Below is a leading high-growth value retailer and typically targets teens and tweens.


TikTok has been known to make certain items trendy online, where that audience spends most of their free time. This could be a contributing factor to the company seeing a 15% increase in total sales in comparison to the previous year's fourth quarter results.

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