A Fox News host and her guest had quite the confusing segment surrounding a hit Netflix show and folks on social media are reacting to the clip. Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo have certainly gained some attention for their back-and-forth that some believe may have been scripted.

Twitter via @ParkerMolloy
Twitter via @ParkerMolloy

When a segment on "woke-free tv" leads to confusion like this, you've got to wonder just how awake these news analysts are themselves. Clearly, they could've used a few more hours of sleep the night before this show aired.

See the interaction on Fox News via @ParkerMolloy on Twitter here.

Some on social media were in disbelief that the confusion went on as long as it did.

Many on Twitter were keen to the idea that this whole debacle seemed... a bit scripted to say the least.

Many believed the clip was flat-out funny.

Others figured this had to be a play on a classic joke.

It's certainly a "Who's On First" type of scenario.

While I am not the type of person that keeps their TV locked on national news outlets, I have to believe this was an attempt from the show to make a funny. This type of confusion truly seems orchestrated. As one Twitter user put it, the alternative option is even more ridiculous than the joke itself.

Either way, the clip is making a splash and has got people talking on social media.

So - mission accomplished? Maybe?

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