Once the Easter egg hunt is over and the kids have dumped all of the chocolate, jelly beans, and Easter treats into their basket you're probably thinking to yourself "Welp, that's it" and, for the most part, you're right.

Then you remember the dozens of colorful mismatched egg halves thrown all over your house. By the time you finally match all of the eggs back together Easter is over and you never want to see another plastic egg ever again or, at least, until next Easter. But don't throw away those plastic eggs just yet, there are actually a ton of fun ways to reuse everyones favorite Easter decoration through out the entire year.

These 8 easy ideas from Pop Sugar will give your old plastic eggs new life.

  1. Turn your plastic eggs into tiny planters! All you need is a little wire and some decorations to transform your eggs into a cute household decoration.
  2. Shake things up by making mini maracas. It's amazing what a little colorful tape can do to a boring old egg!
  3. Get a jump start on Summer by using your plastic eggs to decorate your backyard! Using few lights and plastic eggs you can turn up the tropical vibes by making pineapple string lights.
  4. If you're looking for new ways to decorate for next Easter, a bunny garland is the perfect project for you and the kids to work on after Easter egg hunt is over.
  5. In a lot of ways Easter is like a second Halloween, so why not channel a little trick and a lot of treat by turning your old plastic eggs into skull treat boxes.
  6. Sticking with the All Hallows Eve theme, you can paint your colorful eggs black, add 8 pipe cleaner legs, and a couple googly eyes for a cute  Halloween spider decoration.
  7. Every Easter there seems to be a pile of half plastic eggs missing its colorful partner, so grab a little paint and turn those halves into tea lights to match any room in the house.
  8. Turn your plastic eggs into tasty treats by using them as a mold for jell-o, Rice Krispies treats, or chocolate eggs.

Pop Sugar has come up with so many ways to reuse plastic Easter eggs that you might need to buy more plastic eggs just to complete the list. If you want to see all 37 ideas for your old plastic eggs take a peek on the Pop Sugar website.

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