After one of Gayle Benson's beloved dogs was attacked and killed by a neighbor's dogs, reports say that the Saints owner is pursuing legal action after all. Reports add that Mrs. Benson intends on matching and donating any damages received in the suit to animal charities in New Orleans.

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We shared the original story of the attack that left one of Mrs. Benson's dogs dead back in May of 2021. You can see that post shared to the HOT 107.9 Facebook page below.

At the time of that story, it was unclear if Mrs. Benson would pursue a civil case against the owners of the dogs responsible for the attack. Those owners had their charges dropped after deciding to euthanize their two dogs.

Gayle Benson is Suing Her Neighbors for Negligence Following Dog Attack

But, now reports are saying that the Saints' owner will in fact take legal action against her neighbors who were ultimately responsible for the death of one of her beloved Yorkies.

Benson has reportedly filed suit against the owners of the dogs, claiming that they were negligent in letting the dogs run around the subdivision unrestrained. Caroline and Andre Robert are the named neighbors in the report and Benson contends that the attack could have been avoided if the dogs were secured, per the report.

The suit reportedly goes on to allege that the couple did not do anything to prevent the attack, as the dogs had previously attacked Benson's housekeeper as well as other neighbors.

What will Gayle Benson do with damages received from the suit?

Reports say that Attorney Jim Gardner said that Mrs. Benson plans on donating any money received from the suit to animal welfare charities in New Orleans. Benson also reportedly plans on matching whatever money she ends up awarding to these charities.

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