Two dogs have been euthanized after a recent attack on New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson's dogs, which left one dead. According to reports, the dog owners agreed to euthanasia in order to have charges against them dropped.

According to this report from, the April 10, 2021 attack left both of Mrs. Benson's dogs injured. One of her dogs later succumbed to the injuries and died.

The owners of the dogs responsible for the attack were ticketed for not keeping the dogs on a leash, which is when they made the decision to have the animals euthanized. The charges against the owners were dismissed in municipal court, while Mrs. Benson still has the right to pursue a civil case if she chooses to do so.

It is unclear if the New Orleans sports franchise owner plans on suing in civil court in relation this case, but many know how much Mrs. Benson loves her two small yorkies.

I hope Mrs. Benson has had time to recover from this tragic experience, as it must be really tough to see your dogs get attacked and not be able to do anything about it. I also hope that the dog owners who opted to have their animals euthanized never own another dog again, as they clearly cannot handle that responsibility.

See the full report from @NOLAnews via Twitter below.

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