The internet is reacting to a viral video of a woman practicing a dance routine in her living room. Things seemed to be going perfectly fine until faulty equipment sent the woman flying through her living room window with glass shattering everywhere.


Let me just start off by saying I hope this woman is okay.

The internet is reacting to a clip posted online that shows one woman falling off of a pole and through her living room window.

Twitter via @CCMSlimTim
Twitter via @CCMSlimTim

The woman appeared to be pretty shaken up by the fall, so I hope she did not get seriously injured.

Woman's Pole Dance Routine Ends in Her Breaking Through Living Room Window


See the video for yourself via @CCMSlimTim on Twitter below.

See reactions to the video from Twitter below.

Once again, let's hope this young woman is recovering nicely from this tough tumble.

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