I guess there won't be a honeymoon anytime soon for these two.  I'm not saying it's right by any standards, but wouldn't you wait a couple of months before 'doing the deed?'  Looks like the waitress he had fun with that night wasn't at the reception just to take orders.

You have to wonder if the waitress MAYBE thought he was the best man?  Not only did the 27-year-old player do the deed,(which is bad enough) but his new father-in-law is the one that caught him in the act!

After the father of the bride caught his new son-in-law in the act, he stopped the party and told all the guests to leave." Via The Huffington Post.

Wedding receptions can get wild and most have alcohol involved, but even if your a little tipsy...shouldn't you be able to tell the difference between your wife and someone else?

Of course after the new bride found out she immediately wanted a divorce! Well that's fine and dandy if they got married in the states, but Austrian law requires that they must be married at least 6 months before a divorce can be granted.

Here is too a long and happy married life.....I think.