IBERIABANK is holding one of the coolest local contests I've seen in a while. They posted a stack of of one dollar bills on their official Facebook page and asked their followers to guess how many bills were in it. Within the first hour over 1500 people commented with their guesses, ranging from $47 to hundreds of dollars. How many dollar bills do YOU think are in the stack of money pictured above?

Chris Reed thinks that there is $97 in the stack. I'm gonna get crazy and say there is only one dollar bill in the stack. If you think about it, we don't know what other bills are underneath the only bill we can see, which is a one dollar bill. There could be twenties, fifties, hundreds, fives - maybe even two dollar bills underneath that one dollar bill.

I guess we won't know for sure until IBERIABANK reveals the answer. Click the link below to comment on their Facebook page with your guess, and you just might win the prize!