The latest possible sighting of the most elusive creature known to man may have been spotted near a campground in Utah. Yes, "Bigfoot" is believed to have been spotted by two campers in Utah after they say they mistakenly took the alleged creature for a deer.

In a video posted to YouTube on Oct. 30, “Beard Card,” who did not want his name made public, said he was camping with some friends near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon in Provo Canyon, Utah, and initially thought he saw a deer.

Since the video was posted on Youtube, the video has been viewed over 4-million times and many Bigfoot enthusiasts are now chiming in. Some speculate that this could be a prank, while others say not so fast.

One “Bigfoot Hunter,” Tom Biscardi, say this sighting seems to be the real deal. “If you look at the shoulders of the creature, with no arms and no neck, it looks like a creature that is waiting there and looking around, asking, What is going on here?” he said. “It was laying a little dormant there and to me, bears can go on two legs to smell the air and/or see if someone is there in their territory. In my opinion, it was not a bear, it looked pretty damn good.”

The person who shot the video says that after they realized what was just feet away from them, they ran into their car and left all of their camping gear behind. For me, I only hope that that crew from "Finding Bigfoot" on The Animal Planet soon get to this location.